Not Just Another Photographer

I recently had the pleasure to photograph one of my good friends and extremely talented photographer, Mark Austin.  Best of luck on your new adventure Mr. Austin!



Stephen at Stone

Climber: Stephen Helms

Stone Mountain Bouldering

Climber Grace Jones

Fall at Moore’s Wall

Climber David Hill

In Loving Memory

Trav on The Pit

MAP’s Miscellaneous Mondays

Starting today, Megan Alexander Photography (MAP) will try and bring you up to date miscellaneous information every Monday. We’ll cover topics from music, movies, and entertainment; to gadgets, technology, Apps, and much, much more. In no way are we affiliated or sponsored by any of the products or manufactures we may talk about. We have not been paid or giving any free merchandise for our topics we may discuss. That being said, if someone feels like they just have to give us free stuff, we won’t hold you back…haha. Please feel free to leave comments or ask any questions.

So for our first ever miscellaneous Monday topic, I would like to talk about an App that a friend recommend called Square. In short  Square is an application, along with a small ” square” device that plugs into a moblie phone headphone jack ,that allows you (small business owner, or just someone how likes to get paid more easily) to received credit card payments via a mobile device (IPhone, IPod Touch, IPad, or Android phone). Have you recently been to an Apple store and purchase something and noticed that the cashier who checks you out, does so with their Iphone? Then they email your receipt as well with the same mobile device? Well, that’s basically what Square allows you to do as well.

The best part about Square is the start up cost… there practically are none. The App is free to download, and once you setup your free account, they mail you (for free) your hardware.  If you’re wondering what the catch is, well there isn’t one. There is simply a small percentage fee you pay every time you make a transaction (view their rates here). This way you are not bound to a monthly contract with anyone. It’s great for the small business owner, or someone who just cuts his neighbors lawn and wants to accept a credit card payment on the go.

For more info about Square click here, and check them out on the Apple Itunes App store.

We’re Unveiled!

We are so excited to announce our new ad in this quarters Weddings Unveiled magazine. The information and work that come out of this quarterly magazine is top notch. We absolutely love, and are thrilled to be a part of, the modern southern charm for weddings this magazine portrays. We highly recommend picking up a copy today. Feel free to checkout our ad on page 183 located right before the cover story. For more information about Weddings Unveiled, click here for their website or blog.

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